Digital technology has changed people’s health behaviors and reshaped the landscape of healthcare delivery. Digital health and personalized health is the current and future of health care.

The iCanFit website was originally built in 2012 as an interactive web application to promote physical activity among older cancer survivors. As one of the first digital health intervention for this vulnerable population, iCanFit demonstrated good efficacy and feasibility. The project was concluded in 2014 and intervention protocol and findings can be found here.

Since iCanFit, Dr. Alicia Hong and her collaborators have continued to develop and evaluate more digital health intervention projects. We use community-engaged user-centered design to develop culturally tailored programs; we integrate individual health data generated from low-cost digital tools with clinical care to deliver personalized programs. We apply behavioral theories and machine learning techniques to optimize program effectiveness.

This site collects these digital health projects, including their protocols and publications. If you are a potential participant interested in any current project, or, if you are a fellow researcher or business owner and interested in collaborating with us to develop, implement, and evaluate smart and personalized digital health programs, please contact us.