Below are the resources for cancer survivors program, healthy living and latest research.

Get Involved - Find Programs that Work for You

Association of Cancer Online Resources
A collection of online cancer communities

Better Choices, Better Health

Free workshops for people with long term health problems like Heart Disease, COPD, Diabetes and Arthritis

Breakaway from Cancer
Education and resources for anyone touched by cancer

Prevent Cancer Foundation
Fact sheets on preventable cancers as well as fundraisers and events like fun runs

Relay for Life
A fundraising event where survivors are honored, love ones remembered and friends and family engage in community

Susan G. Komen
Find Breast cancer survivorship information as well as events like Race for the Cure

Texas C-STEP - Colon Cancer Screening, Training, Education and Prevention Program
A colorectal cancer screening program

Walk Across Texas
A colorectal cancer screening program

Learn More - Find Information for a Healthy Lifestyle

A nonprofit organization with lifestyle tips, news and educational information specifically for Older Adults

Alliance for Aging Research
A nonprofit organization with a focus on using research to improve aging and health

Administration on Aging (AoA)
A great place to find information about local programs, Medicare and many other topics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthy Aging
Find out information on a variety of health topics, including nutrition, physical activity and cancer survivorship

This site has links to find survivorship well ness programs, as well as research on cancer care

American Society of Clinical Oncology
ASCO is involved in connecting those who treat cancer survivors with up to date research and guidelines
The patient information website for ASCO, providing resources for survivors and those who care for them in English and Spanish

Life Beyond Cancer Foundation
Provides resources, including interactive apps for survivors and clinicians

Healthy Survivorship
An interactive app designed to assess health habits and well being

Gerontological Society of America
This site is devoted to the study of aging in biological and social sciences

Healthy Aging Research Network
A coalition of universities involved in advocating research and policy for healthy aging

National Council on Aging
Find help with living health, paying bills or finding work or training

National Academy on Aging Society
Learn how aging is impacting public policy issues

National Institute of Health, Senior Health
Information about health and wellness for older adults

Find support, resources, events and fundraisers for cancer survivorship

American Cancer Society
Learn about cancer treatment and survivorship or share your story to inspire others

American Institute for Cancer Research
Learn about how basic lifestyle changes can make a lasing impact on health

CDC - Cancer Survivorship
The CDC’s resources regarding cancer care and survivorship

National Cancer Institute
A very complete site about cancer research with helpful fact sheets

Aging Texas Well
A resource for older Texans regarding topics like community support, housing and long term care

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Tools for older adults about caregiving, healthy aging and more

Program on Healthy Aging
Find programs and workshops about various health topics, like falls prevention

Research - Reports and Fact Sheets about Health and Aging

Generations Journal
A free, online Journal from American Society on Aging

The State of Aging and Health in America 2007
A report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Images of Aging in America 2004 Research
A report from AARP

Maturing of America: Getting Communities on Track for an Aging Population
A report from National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Reimagining America AARP’s Blueprint for The Future How America Can Grow Older and Prosper
A report from AARP

Retooling for an Aging America-Building the Health Care Workforce: The Institute of Medicine (IOM)
Report and fact sheets from The Institute of Medicine